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Grand Opening: TBA​


Dear Veterans and future players!

We developed this project out of pure love to Lineage 2, as a monument to one of the most successful chronicles- Interlude.
In our own lives we were dedicated L2 players and we experienced the best of gaming - meeting new people, making friends, experiencing happy moments that brought tears of joy to our eyes.

Nostalgia is a perfect server for fans of hardcore.
Only x0.5 rates without any EXP boost in ingame shop makes it interesting and exciting to progress through the game and achieve game values.
Minor changes in server concept are helping the server to keep balance and hardcore spirit.

Exp/SP: x4
Adena: x3
Drop: x3
Spoil: x3
Seal Stones: x1
Quest Drop: x1
Quest Reward: x1
Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1
Raid Boss Drop: x1

Quest NameCount/DropReward*Notice
The Finest Food1xx1
Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints)1xx1
Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 21xx1
Supplier of Reagents1xx1
War with Ketra Orcs1xx1
War with Varka Silenos1xx1
Relics of the Old Empire, Gather The Flames1xx1
Alliance with Ketra Orcs1xx1
Alliance with Varka Silenos1xx1
The Finest Ingredients - Part 11xx1
Halisha's marks1xx1
Whisper Of Dreams Part 1, 21xx1
Legacy of Insolence1xx1
In Search of Fragments of Dimension1xx1
An Ice Merchant's Dream1xx1
Protect the Water Source1xx1
Delicious top Choice Meat1xx1
Seekers of the Holy Grail1xx1
Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe1xx1
The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest)1xx1
Clean up the Swamp of Screams1xx1
A Powerful Primeval Creature1xx1

Server Platform: Interlude L2OFF
Maximum Clients per PC: 2
Retail Buff Time
Buff slots: 20 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
1st class change - 100k
2nd class change - 900k/ 1 mark
All Giants Codex, Life Stones Books & Amulets are stackable.
Offline Shops
Cursed Weapons - Available from TBA

1month Olympiad period.
First heroes-TBA
Olympiad operates on Saturday and Sunday from 20:00 until 24:00 CET/GMT+1.
Both class based & non classed based competitions are available.
  • 10 Required registrants to begin non class based competition daily.
  • 5 Required registrants to begin class based competition daily.
Participants can register only 1x character per HWID into the olympiad games.

VIP Chat ( Global Chat -messages are started with > )
.expon / .expoff commands.
Weight limit increased.
Increases the number of items an individual can possess.
Increases the number of items that can be bought and sold at private stores.
Free SoE Skill

First & Second Class Transfer Marks - 20 Coins each
Accessory - 20->100 Coins
VIP Account - 60 Coins / month
Nickname color -
70 Coins
Title color -
50 Coins
PK Counter Reset -
100 Coins
Character Nickname -
150 Coins
Clan Namechange -
150 Coins
Sex/Gender Change -
40 Coins

Orfen (Lvl 50)
36Hours Respawn + - Random: 1hour
Core (Lvl 50)
36Hours Respawn +- Random: 1hour
Ant Queen (Lvl 40)
22Hours Respawn + - Random: 1hour
Zaken (Lvl 60)
48Hours Respawn + - Random: 1hour
Frintezza (Lvl 85)
48Hours + - Random: 1hour
Baium (Lvl 75)
5 Days + - Random: 1hour
Antharas (Lvl 79)
8 Days + - Random: 1hour
Valakas (Lvl 85)
11 Days + - Random: 1hour


Other Raidbosses:
12+8 Hours
Flame Of Splendor Barakiel: 16 Hours Respawn + - Random: 1hour

  • First Quest Period from Monday, TBA
  • Blacksmith of Mammon & Merchant of Mammon available in Retail Spawn Points.
  • Players may exchange Seal Stones to Ancient Adena only during seal validation period.

SUBCLASS QUEST: Retail quest

NOBLESS QUEST: Retail quest