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Hello, and welcome to our community. We are glad to have you around. Here are the set of rules that we'd like you to respect, so that we can work great together. Remember, we don't like to mute or to ban users, so please, respect the administrators, respect the other members, enjoy your stay and don't forget to have fun!

1. Please create threads in the right sections.
2. Use English in creating or replying to posts, except where noted.
3. We work as a community, so personal offences will not be permited.
4. Any racist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. messages will be deleted, and the user will be punished.
5. If you notice bugs, rule breaks or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please use the dedicated forums, or PM an administrator.
6. Do not ask the admin or moderators for items or services in-game.
7. Do not ask for forum statuses.
8. Don't ask us to make extra events. We know when it's time for one.
9. Double posting is allowed only for the Administration. Please edit your topics and messages if needed.
10. Do not send your account details to anyone.
11. Promoting other websites is prohibited on this forum (L2 guides, tutorials, YouTube - Vimeo, are an exception).
12. Remember that any rule may be added in time, so please, don't do immoral things just because they aren't mentioned here.
13. ... and the most important: HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOUR STAY!

Yes, we do punish rule breaking by deleting posts, PM advertisments, or even by ban.
Yes, we don't hesitate to congratulate and even reward (by case) the users that do remarkable things for our community.

Have a nice day!
Not open for further replies.