Event: Last Man Standing


Hi All,

Welcome to Ori's Last Man Standing Event. I ran this event previously on another server and we had lots of fun.
This is an all-out brawl where only the victor shall remain. The event will be streamed on twitch for more Glory!

What you need to do:
  1. Make a lvl 1 character
  2. The race and class (fighter or mystic) is up to you to decide
Keep in mind what you choose will be the one you are going to PvP with! Think wisely!

Do Not:
  1. Do not level the character past lvl 1
  2. Do not do the quest to get soul shouts and delevel
  3. Do not get any items as items will be provided during the event
Basically, the character should be with its starting gear, make the character login to the world and PM me once the event starts.

I will be summoning you to the secret event location.
*Note do not pick a name you want to use for main. As I will not be sending your level 1 toons to the starter villages. You can delete it after the event if you wish.

At the start of the event once I have summoned you to the location the following will happen.
Each one of you will be able to pick only ONE of the following:

  • Weapon (No grade: Short Bow + 15 Arrows OR Bone Dagger OR Spiked Gloves OR Apprentice's Rod OR Short Sword )
  • Shield (No grade: Small Shield )
  • Jewelry (No grade: Necklace Of Magic )
Again you can only pick ONE of the above. So would you rather have a better weapon or perhaps a better defence? It's up to you to decide.

To make the event more fun I might also drop Healing Potion, Alacrity Potion, Haste Potion, Magic Haste Potion at random times 😈

1st Place - 20 Coins
2nd Place - 10 Coins
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@Tankerek Event details is in our discord with a countdown. Announcement > Events.
This is just an explanation of how the event will work. Hope to see you there!


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hi :) i dont have discord. fb or others unnececery .... are u going to made alle neew ewents information autside forum :/