Event: Art Contest - New Year 2021

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Hi All,

Here is a new event for you all: Art Contest!

  1. It's an Art contest meaning you can use any in-game item for your art and not just Adena.
  2. Theme is New Years 2021
  3. Your character must be in the image
  4. Image has to be posted in this thread (not accepting it via discord)

  • Before you start your Art make sure you test how long items stay on the ground! You don't want to lose them before you finish your masterpiece!
  • It's an Art contest so you could use arrows, antidotes, potions, crystals etc to make your Art!
  • Think about the location of where you are creating the art, background / surrounding to give the art more effect etc
  • Would be great if you can incorporate lineage.pl name or logo in the art (optional)

We will have rewards for the 1st place and 2nd place
1st - 40 coins
2nd - 20 coins

Event Ends : https://countingdownto.com/?c=3388586
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