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  1. Casper

    Event: Art Contest - New Year 2021

    Hi All, Here is a new event for you all: Art Contest! Rules: It's an Art contest meaning you can use any in-game item for your art and not just Adena. Theme is New Years 2021 Your character must be in the image Image has to be posted in this thread (not accepting it via discord) Tips...
  2. Casper

    Event Rewards

    Hi All, Just wanted to put a quick note here on how the event rewards will be given to players moving forward. As per the @Admin the easiest way for him to give the rewards is by providing him your login name. This method is much easier the trying to find when you and the admin are both online...
  3. Casper

    Event: Last Man Standing

    Hi All, Welcome to Ori's Last Man Standing Event. I ran this event previously on another server and we had lots of fun. This is an all-out brawl where only the victor shall remain. The event will be streamed on twitch for more Glory! What you need to do: Make a lvl 1 character The race and...