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    Halloween Adena Art Contest

    This contest has ended and the winners have been selected! First Place - Respect0x Second Place - SnoopDogg Third Place - Pen BabaYaga, Arkas, Grubasek - as a consolation prize and encouragement to participate in events, 20 Gold Coins + Common Medical Mask. Congratulations to all of our...
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    Halloween Adena Art Contest

    Thank you to all participants! The winners will be announced tomorrow! :)
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    Halloween Adena Art Contest

    Halloween Adena Art Contest Halloween is just around the corner! Show off your Halloween spirit by creating and sharing some seasonal adena art to the Lineage II community. Submit your Halloween -or- Autumn themed adena art to our official Halloween Adena Art Contest and win great in-game...
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    Streamer's bonus!

    Streamer's bonus! Reward: 1 Gold Coin per hour of stream. Conditions: 1. In the name of the stream should be "" 2. Save stream records so we can check you activity (at less 7 days) 3. Write to Admin on our discord channel - your game account and link to stream. 4. Rewards will be...
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    World's Strongest Man Competition~! team is proud to anounce the winner of the World's Strongest Man Competition! Player SebastianPereira was crowned the strongest man when he was the first player on Aria [x1] server to archieve level 40. Thanks SebastianPereira and congratulations on winning 100 Gold Coins!
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    Aria [x1] Successful Start!

    Dear Veterans and players Aria [x1] We developed this project out of pure love to Lineage 2, as a monument to one of the most successful chronicles- Interlude. In our own lives we were dedicated L2 players and we experienced the best of gaming - meeting new people, making friends, experiencing...
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    Aria [x1] - Grand Opening Information.

    The server is now online! Have fun!
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    Aria [x1] - Grand Opening Information.

    5 hours left until the Grand Opening! :)
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    Aria [x1] - Grand Opening Information.

    Finally! The time has arrived, Aria[x1] is ready to go live! I am going to share some helpful detailed information below, regarding the official server's launch tomorrow. Grand Opening will take place tomorrow, Friday, 16 October 2020 Account Registration...
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    Aria [x1] OBT is ON!

    OBT server is now closed. Thank you all for participating. Grand Opening tomorrow!
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    Aria [x1] OBT is ON!

    The Open Beta Test Server will be closed on Wednesday - 14.10.2020.
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    Aria [x1] OBT is ON!

    Aria [x1] OBT IS HERE! OBT server is already available! To join OBT server, you have to download our server files. Links: Updater - Aria [x1] Patch - Google Drive Aria [x1] Patch - OBT server settings: Rates - Live like Auto-learn skills Registration -...
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    World's Strongest Man Competition~!

    World's Strongest Man Competition! Are you good enough to be the best of the best? Will you become the mighiest warrior of all? Aria[x1] is calling out to all would be heroes in a search for a fearless champion to come forward. Stake your claim to greatness by competing to become the number 1...
  14. Admin - Aria[x1]

    Full server description is available here:
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    Retail Events

    EVENTS ARE CURRENTLY OFF! - events will start after a few months / or prizes will be changed. We have developed the annual calendar of retail events to boost up your gaming experience and adventures. Events are as follow: - August - September - October: Medal Event - November: Music...
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    Forum Rules

    Hello, and welcome to our community. We are glad to have you around. Here are the set of rules that we'd like you to respect, so that we can work great together. Remember, we don't like to mute or to ban users, so please, respect the administrators, respect the other members, enjoy your stay and...
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    Aria [x1] - Server Information

    Grand Opening: 16.10.2020 - 19:00 ( GMT +2 / CEST ) Discord: Aria is a perfect server for fans of hardcore. Only x1 rates without any EXP boost in ingame shop makes it interesting and exciting to progress through the game and achieve game values. Minor changes in...
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    Server Rules

    TERMS OF USE - SERVER RULES 1. Registration & Accounts 1.1 By account registration you automatically agree to Terms of Use & Server rules 1.2 Player is obligated to remember and store his account data and keep his account up to date with correct email in order to be able to recover it...
  19. Admin - Aria[x1]

    Dear Veterans and future players! We are glad to announce that once again open the gate to our magical world! Here you will meet old friends as well as enemies, a sea of fascinating entertainment and sincere emotions from all heartily! In our world, all are equal: beginner, rich...